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Be your best self, right here and right now. Be home to your spacious self.I’m inviting you on a journey to find your inner world of health. Be your best self, right here and right now. Be home to your spacious self.I’m inviting you on a journey to find your inner world of health. More

Oli Nešporová

True health is “coming home to yourSELF.” Health is innate to you. When you embrace it as your ever-present inner power, it enables you to bring yourself back into balance. You must take a mindful and holistic approach to the preservation or restoration of your own health. Yoga and Ayurveda, its sister science, complement each other and help you find a harmonious equilibrium of both mind and body. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) teaches you to listen to your body, to better understand your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, and to connect with the SELF at each level. It helps you to “come home to yourSELF.” YourSELF is a calm presence that is always inside you, in your heart center. Whether you find your stillness through the practice of yoga, asanas, pranayama, or meditation, or with the help of BCST, you will find your life improved when you are deeply established in that tranquil center in your heart.

Lightness In The Body, Brightness In The Mind💗 Let Me Help You To Cross The Bridge To Yourself

Let me guide you through your questions about health and well-being from the perspective of Ayurvedic Yoga therapy. For Ayurveda and Yoga, the goal is to balance the three qualities called the doshas (pancha maha bhútas) that manifest in the world around us and within us. Vata, with its dominant elements of air and space, possesses creativity that expresses itself as movement. When refined into the subtler form of energy (prana), it governs rhythm, motion, and sensitivity of the mind. Pitta, or fire and water, expresses itself as energy or vitality, or the essence of light, tejas. Kapha, dominated by the elements of water and earth, provides the foundation of all nurturing qualities in the body. When you open yourself to the link between the doshas and the state of your health, we can start discussing individual Ayurvedic practices and yogic techniques to help you to return to your prakriti, which is your unique constitution at the moment of conception. Let all the above be supported with BCST sessions, a body therapy that will help you to deepen your mindfulness, and tap into the self-healing and self-regulation abilities of your system.
My motto: “Peace in my Soul, Health in my Body, Love in my Heart, Faith in mySELF.”

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