Mighty Mung Cleanse

Mighty Mung Cleanse

Spring is the optimal season for deep cleaning. A Mung Cleanse is a Vedic-based purification process that uses all the nourishing aspects of mung beans and herbs. It is a mono diet with a number of other supportive daily dietary routines. This process is based on the practice of Australian Ayurvedic and Vedic Meditation teacher Tim Mitchell, who recommends the guidance and support of the individual needs of all participants with daily online meetings throughout the entire purification process. I now include it in the private Ayurvedic consultation sessions for those clients who are interested in this additional level of support. I recommend regular Mung Cleanses in the spring & fall for a period of five to ten days. A Mung Cleanse can also be beneficial throughout the year when the body needs it, in response to approaching illness or a more stressful time.


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